The price of a LusvardiBici is variable and depends on many factors, such as:

  • Frame material 
  • Cost of the components used
  • Chrome plating
  • Other special processes

The cost of the components varies according to availability, we already have a lot of parts in stock but often have to look for it online and in dedicated markets.


The parts that are always available and easy to find are the frames.
Other items, such as cranksets or handlebars, are more difficult to find.

Luck is an important variable in determining the final price of a bike.


The price for the realization of the whole bicycle can go from a minimum of € 1000.00 to reach even € 5000.00, everything depends on the desired quality, the condition of the components and, above all, the type of frame used. 

Therefore, to find out the value of the bike you want to make, an estimate is necessary.

Contact us to find out what we can offer you according to your needs.


The choice of frame is the first thing to do when choosing a LusvardiBici.

The first very important characteristic that concerns the frame is its size.

The calculation of the measures of a racing bike is complex but the LusvardiBici are born for travel and not for competition, so we can simplify the calculation as follows:

(H – 10cm) / 3 = X

That is: subtract 10 cm from your height (in cm) and divide the result by three. The number you get is the perfect frame size for your height.

In some cases, those who want more manoeuvrability may opt for a slightly smaller frame, while those who want more stability will choose a slightly larger frame.

Keep in mind that You cannot choose the frame material of a LusvardiBici.
All frames are made from Columbus Stainless Steel, refurbished and repainted, restored to like-new condition.
We believe that steel is not dead and, indeed, for the type of bikes we create, it is the best material. If you want a bike for life, build it in steel.


We rarely work with titanium frames, which are the best material for a bike, but obviously,  much more expensive.